Vanilla Naxxramas Boost On – The Grittiest Raid In Vanilla Is Back!

But actually, Vanilla Naxxramas wasn’t that hard. The bosses in Mythic dungeons have harder mechanics than any of fight mechanics found here! And yet, here are some solid reasons to get Vanilla Naxxramas boost.

Firstly, coordinating 40 people instead of 20 or 10 is, indeed, hard. Especially on bosses like Thaddius, Heigan, and Grobbulus, where a single mistake could lead to a spectacular disaster! Imagine the toxicity!

Next, passing that DPS check for many bosses, especially Patchwerk, will be problematic without Bloodlust. Sure, having faction-exclusive classes is cool and thematic, but the difference is just too much!

And lastly, there’s no way to get the minimum gear other than the previous raids. So, rather than waste weeks in preparation, come to and get carried by a professional crew!

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